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Friday, January 22, 2010

Size, Thickness & Source Affect Fish Cooking

Did you know the firmer-flesh, often bigger cuts of saltwater fish can tolerate almost any way you wish to cook them - from grilling to poaching. Just last week I enjoyed some Halibut that was grilled on one side and poached on the other!

The generally smaller and more delicate freshwater fish are often easiest to broil or pan fry.
Two other aspects to consider are the oiliness of the fish and whether it has come out of warmer freshwater. Oily fish are strong in flavor and best suited to smoking and grilling. Warm-water fish are also strong flavored and pan frying or deep-frying is the best way to cook them.

This month we have Natures Seasons Tilapia on the menu - It's made in a foil pouch, dusted with Morton's Seasoning and cooks on a bed of rice for a great-tasting end result.

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