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Monday, January 18, 2010

Safe Poultry Handling

To reduce the chance of contamination, never store uncooked poultry next to uncooked or unwrapped fresh food that will be eaten raw, such as salad greens, fresh fruit or bread.
And after cutting up or handling raw poultry, always wash your hands, the cutting board, counter surface, knives and poultry shears in hot sudsy water before preparing other foods. If you wipe your hands on your apron or a dish towel, replace them promptly with clean ones.

Chicken is one of our most popular choices and we offer a package called Hurry Up I'm Hungry which includes 6 mini meals (each serves 2-3). They're fast - because they cook from frozen and they're some of our most popular entrees - Crispy Onion Chicken, Parmesan Herb Chicken, Chicken Kiev, Stuffed Chicken Parmigiana, Praline Chicken and Chicken Marsala. You can call to order for pick up from our Greenfield, New Berlin or Racine Locations.

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